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How To Disable Flash In Chrome

Recently Adobe flash was hit by yet another vulnerability allowing “hackers” to “steal your personal data” and some other shit. It’s time to set this one free.

The Internet evolved, we don’t need flash anymore. Below I will show you how to disable Adobe Flash in Google Chrome and make your browser a bit lighter on resources. (At least that was my personal experience)

So without further a ado, let’s do this:

1. In your address bar, type the following in Chrome’s address bar:


2. Find the plugin called “Adobe Flash Player” and click “disable”, it should now look like this:


3. Restart Chrome by closing it completely and re-opening it. (I don’t actually know if this is necessary, but rather safe right?)

4. You’re done 🙂


Just note that here and there you will find lazy companies who’s videos won’t work without flash. (Hulu I’m looking at you). Luckily most of these sites have alternatives that do serve HTML 5 video, so you should be fine.

Let me know your thoughts.




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